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woman bleeding during sex - Bleeding After Sex: Causes, Risk Factors, and More

Jul 31, 2019 · Vaginal bleeding after sex (also known as postcoital bleeding) is not an entirely uncommon situation among menstruating women, and it's even more common in postmenopausal women.While the bleeding can sometimes be distressing, the cause is relatively benign in most cases. The same can be said for those who experience bleeding during sex; many of the causes of postcoital bleeding overlap. Bleeding during sex is something that a majority of women have gone through. Roughly, around 63 percent of women who have been through menopause experience issues like vaginal dryness, vaginal bleeding, and spotting during sex.

Vaginal bleeding after sex is unwelcome and can be alarming, but it’s also relatively common, and often no cause for concern. WebMD explains what you need to know about why it happens, how to Author: Anne Machalinski. Jun 18, 2019 · Causes of bleeding during sex. Vaginal bleeding during sex can be caused by many of the same things that can cause bleeding after sex. These include infection, vaginal trauma due to dryness, cervical polyps, menopause, and cancer.Author: Anna Targonskaya, MD.

Many women experience vaginal bleeding after sex at one time or another. In fact, up to 63 percent of postmenopausal women experience vaginal dryness and vaginal bleeding or spotting during sex Author: Susan York Morris. Jan 09, 2017 · 13 Reasons For Bleeding During Or After Sex, Explained. By Emma Kaywin. Jan 9 2017. Bustle. We at Bustle love giving you tips for how to tap into Author: Emma Kaywin.