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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. mostly F/F slash fantasy stories,princesses,vampires,goddesses,incest etc. but other interesting themes accepted. Note: Start at the earlier entries for the best stories, middle-end entries average-very good. 252-277 for my personal recommendations, the rest are all mixed up.

A Woman's Love (Femslash) Follow. Focus: Books Harry Potter This is all Harry Potter femslash. This is for all Femslash lovers some hints of male involvement as long as the ladies are in a relationship with each other. If I missed any please tell pm. Enjoy! After being entered into the triwizard tournament and coming out as a lesbian. I wish that the lesbians I knew were half as lascivious as the ones in femslash. everybody I know stands around looking indifferent and never buys anyone a drink for fear of looking like they give.

Femslash, femme slash, femmeslash, alt fic, lesbian fiction, f/f, F/F, Yuri, fanfic, fan-fiction whatever name you use, you should be able to find something to your taste on the sites listed below. To nominate a site for inclusion on the list please e-mail: Femslash Fiction. Femslash; Pre-Femslash; Summary. I decided that angsty wingfic for The Far Meridian was a necessity. Just a memory of a soft evening atop a lighthouse, filled with unspoken words and un-nameable longing. Girls preening the wings of close friends is totally normal - unless you're pining sapphics suffering internalized homophobia.