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Wanda and boyfriend lose at the gym. A group of angry females plan to kidnap a radio host. Trisha demonstrates an induction on an unsuspecting Laura. Our intrepid heroine confronts a corrupt police force! and other exciting erotic at! Chloroformed Encounter by Sodomite I told her about a story I had read online about girls that were abducted by being chloroformed and then rapped. I told her I really didn't like the rapping part, but I thought the chloroform part was really cool. We talked about it and decided to give it a try.

He impregnates beautiful passed out stranger. It's dangerous to be alone on the streets at night. Captor enjoys gentle sex with his drugged captive. Victorian girl is chloroformed and used by a band of theives. and other exciting erotic at! Lena was starting to come round but was too dazed and confused to know what was going on but Louise decided that it was time for the chloroform! she took the cloth, poured a sizable amount of chloroform on it, replaced the lid and gently placed the cloth over Lena's mouth and nose.

I roll out of bed and prepare my equipment quickly. I get the video camera set up, pointed at the bed, and start recording. Then I get the rag and the Chloroform. I approach Gretchen in bed and gently pull the covers off of her head exposing her face. I douse the rag in Chloroform . Dec 23, 2006 · I don't know how many times they made me suck their dicks or how much cum they shot in my mouth and on my face. I lost track of time, what with all the poppers and chloroform. They were taking more and more pictures. I don't think I lost consciousness, but I can't be sure.7.8/10(99).