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Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Licks Jerry Garcia was one of the most distinctive guitar voices in rock & roll. As the leader and spiritual center of the Grateful Dead, he is remembered as an icon of the counterculture and the freewheeling spirit of the Summer of Love. Jerry was really good at playing the chord changes (which means switching the scale to match whatever the chord was). I’ll show you how to change scales to match the chords by visualizing chord shapes and linking the licks you’ll be learning to those chord shapes.

An awesome Jerry Garcia Dm lick I grabbed from a Garcia-Grisman jam sesh. It uses some cool minor scale intervals and a signature Jerry pulloff! You can also take this lick apart and make it your own! Hopefully you will learn something new with this short lesson and have some ideas next time you are soloing in the key of D minor! Lick 1. This is a pedal steel-style lick that is based on the E minor pentatonic scale. Notice that the bend on the G string from the 14th to the 16th fret is plucked and held. Then Jerry picks the 15th and 12th fret on the B string, and then releases the G string when he bends down from the 16th to the 14th fret.

Electric Etudes: Jerry Garcia. Garcia was constantly reacting—both with and against—the notes and rhythms played by the rest of the band. That said, I’ve chosen to keep the chord progression and rhythm of this lesson to a Grateful Dead staple: the simple two-chord Mixolydian jam.Author: Shawn Persinger.