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A complex breast cyst is a morphological type of breast cyst along with simple breast cysts and complicated breast cysts.The current preferred term for complex breast cysts is solid and cystic mass to avoid confusion with a complicated cyst.. Radiographic features Breast ultrasound. The presence of a thick wall, thick septae, or intracystic mass are characteristic of complex breast cysts 2. A ‘complex‘ or ‘complicated‘ breast cyst, refers to cysts that contain something besides clear fluid.A simple breast cyst, on the other hand, only contains clear fluid.Indeed, this is usually something harmless like an old blood clot or debris.. These cysts are on the upper end of the continuum of abnormalities that can sometimes happen to breast cysts.

Hello, Breast cysts, like cysts elsewhere in the body, can be classified as either simple or complex. Simple Cysts (fluid filled sacs) have virtually no chance of containing malignancy. They do not need to be aspirated unless they are causing discomfort and they do not need short-interval follow-up.Simple cyst do not turn into cancer. Oct 14, 2018 · If the cyst comes back, it may be evaluated again with mammogram and ultrasound, and it can be drained again. Most women with simple cysts go back to routine breast cancer screening. For complicated or complex cysts, the follow-up plan is generally the .

Complicated breast cysts are one of the cystic breast lesions that show intracystic debris which may imitate a solid mass appearance. They should be carefully differentiated from a complex cyst and may require alternative management 3.. Radiographic features Ultrasound. thin wall with or without posterior acoustic enhancement 3; homogenous hypoechoic content 3. Are ''complicated cysts'' and ''complex cysts'' one and the same? Also, do they tend to grow larger in about a 3 month time period? Asked: 11/19/2018 Is it possible that some breast lumps could be a lipoma (benign fatty tissue) or a cyst with benign skin cells causing some lumps? If so, Asked: 11/13/2018 how big is a 7x3by6 mm cyst?