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using milk test strips to help predict a foaling date, how to use a milk test strip, milk test strips, predicting foaling using milk test strips, predicting foaling time, predicting foal paturation, The optimum number days for a mare to carry a foal is about 335 days. At least that's what the textbooks tell us. The test kit is designed to test for levels of cations in the colostrum. The Predict-A-Foal™ kit includes supplies for 15 test and additional test strips can be purchased separately. Use a sample (1 tsp) of milk from the mare, add to solution, mix & use test strip. Compare test strip .

Quickly remove the test strip from the tube, shake off excess liquid and note the color change after one minute, comparing the strip with the Predict-A-Foal Color Chart. 7. Remember - if you perform the test in the evening before going to bed, the results will indicate if you . These are refill test strips for the Predict-A-Foal Test Kit. It comes 15 strips per vial. Sold per vial. Reviews. Be the first to review this product. Call Toll Free: 1-800-928-7777. With our large inventory and knowledgeable staff, KBC has been Central Kentucky’s largest supplier of horse, barn, and stable products for over 25 years. We.

Hard water test strips to predict foaling- HELP Feb. 6, 2012, 01:55 PM We have the pool and spa test strips with six different colored boxes down the strip and each strip can show five different shades. Foal Time strips combines traditional foal-watch methods with an innovative, instant chemical test that gets you results with just a micro-drop of udder fluid. We've put together a Data Collection Chart to help you document your mare's progression. There are so many signs and factors that go into determining when your mare is ready to foal.