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Designed for those 18 years & over, Outward Bound's adult courses allow you to get away from it all on a new adventure. Enroll in a 2019 course today to learn valuable wilderness skills while tackling something new & challenging! Adult camps. Survival training in California. Survival camps since 1994. Adult First Circle Camp Graduates. Adult camps and adventure camps for young adults 18 and up. Our adult Survival Circle Camps offer three unique camps to hone your skills. As you progress through each training, you will move from a basic level of knowledge to an.

We believe a key to becoming an adult is to be treated as an adult. At Open Sky, young adults are given considerable freedom and autonomy to be contributors and leaders within their peer group of students. Young adults are expected to step up in making decisions, solving . Young Adult Clients ages18-25 years old experience an individualized program structured to their stage in life. Fostering strengths and improving upon weaknesses allows you or your son/daughter to focus on their intervention, treatment, academics, family involvement, and mastery.

The ANASAZI Way was developed over the past 40 years by Larry Dean Olsen and Ezekiel Sanchez, who are widely considered to be pioneers of the field generally known as wilderness therapy. Together in 1988 they formed ANASAZI Foundation to make this experience available to all families, regardless of their financial circumstances. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy program for troubled teens and young adults; that offers hope and healing. Designed for both troubled teens and young adults, WinGate offers two distinctly separate wilderness programs addressing the needs of two very different age groups.