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If I was considering a Rottweiler, I would be most concerned about The wide range of temperaments. There are different "breeding lines" of Rottweilers, each bred for a different purpose and a different temperament. If you want a family companion, you do not want high-energy working lines; you want a good-natured dog who won't harm innocent. Jan 30, 2019 · Then Suddenly, as I felt the tip of the dog's penis had gotten past the crotch of my little pink panties on the side. Our family Rottweiler, let's go of my neck and let out a howl, tears, ran down my face. I squealed, as our family Rottweiler, held me by the back of my neck again. The dog pulled my ass tightly against him.

Luckily, dedicated breeders revived the breed, and it ranks as one of the most popular breeds in the United States today. A delightful series of children's books, beautifully illustrated, is about a rottweiler named Carl and his adventures with his family's baby. Rottweiler puppy Rottweiler puppies are intelligent, friendly and enthusiastic, making excellent family pets when well-socialized. It is important to note that Rottweilers are not recommended for first-time owners, however, as even from a young age they need to be handled by someone with knowledge of the unique needs of large, powerful dog breeds.

Sep 02, 2017 · XNXX Adult Forum. Forums > Public > The day our family's Rottweiler took me. Discussion in 'Sex Stories' started by VampirTARA, Jul 20, 2017. Hello, but my stories are only based on true events that happened to me so if there is an event with our family's Rottweiler that's worth mentioning then I would put it in the story.