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Discover a New Independence with Adult Drivers Ed Online. Millions of high school students skip drivers ed every year! If you didn’t take high school drivers ed, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a variety of logical reasons people wait to get their drivers license: Cost: Many high schools don’t offer drivers ed anymore. And tons of. "I love being able to do this on my OWN time! I was going to take a drivers ed course that cost about 300 dollars, and then I found you guys. Not only are you cheaper than EVERYONE else, but also I can do it whenever I want. And with my busy lifestyle, that's perfect. - Hayden G.

SUMMARY: Texas Adult Driver's Education. In Texas, adults 18 through 24 years old must complete a specific driver's education course in order to apply for a TX driver's license.You'll need to pass a knowledge exam, which can be done online through certain course providers. Once you've completed your course, you'll also need to complete the Impact Texas Young Drivers program, pass an in-car. Alternatively, you can complete the same Louisiana Driver's Ed course as required for teens above. Types of Driver's Ed Courses in LA. If you need to take a driver's education course or a pre-licensing course, you may do so at a secondary school or from a licensed third-party provider. Currently, Louisiana does not accept online Driver's Ed.

Adult Driver's Ed (Ages 18+) Meets all requirements for new driver programs created for adults 18 or over. The courses are 100% online, making it easy to fit around their hectic schedules. Set your own pace and study in locations most convenient to you. Take Your State-Approved Drivers Ed Online and Get Your Learners Permit.