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There’s something about the doggy style or rear entry sex position, which makes it an all-time fave among men. Perhaps, it’s the primal or animal instinct, which we inherit throughout evolution. If you see a chick bending over – whether in the office, class, or supermarket – it’s highly likely you’re fantasizing about having sex [ ]Author: Penetric. Learn about Rear Entry, an anal gay sex position. (NSFW 18+)Author: Gay Sex Positions Guide.

For the athletic man, the Yoga Master sex position is an exotic rear entry position that is a perfect fit for the super adventurous couple. How To Do It The female partner lies on the bed on her . What’s not to love about sex from behind? Doggy style is certainly the best known, but it isn’t the only rear entry sex position. Learn how to do it from from behind with your partner. Use these positions, tips & simple tricks to make it the best sex ever!

Nov 10, 2015 · Standing Rear Entry. How it works: It's time to get bendy again. For this, allow your partner to stand straight behind you, while you bend over and spread your legs slightly apart for easier entry Author: Kristin Magaldi. Apr 25, 2019 · It’s the dirty sexual position women fantasize about more than any other! Prone bone, from the back – whatever it’s modern name – this Kamasutra pose hits the spot.. There’s nothing like doggy style sex for deep penetration, but if you really want to ring her bell, try the sexy version found in The Perfumed Garden. FOURTEENTH MANNER (Coitus from the Back) — The woman lies down on Author: Randi Savage.