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adult jejunostomy plan of care -

Discharge Instructions: Caring for Your Jejunostomy Tube (J-Tube) You have been discharged with a feeding tube called a jejunostomy tube, or J-tube. The J-tube was put through your skin and into your small bowel (jejunum). This allows for feeding directly into your small bowel. Jejunostomy tubes are placed in the proximal jejunum. Immediately following the procedure,the tube may be connected to care is low suction or plugged. If the client has been receiving tube feedings,these may be reinitiated shortly after tube placement. NURSING CARE •Assess tube placement by aspirating stomach contents and.

Apr 03, 2017 · Care for your J Tube (Jejunostomy) is vital. Get advice on flushing, replacing dressing and learn how to reduce the risk of tube clogs. Presented by . A jejunostomy tube (J-tube) is a soft, plastic tube placed through the skin of the abdomen into the midsection of the small intestine. The tube delivers food and medicine until the person is healthy enough to eat by mouth. You'll need to know how to care for the J .

A jejunostomy feeding tube will allow you to receive proper nutrition. Many patients who are diagnosed with esophageal cancer have lost a significant amount of weight because the tumor has blocked the passage of food from the mouth to the stomach, and also because chemicals released by cancer cells can affect your appetite. A gastrostomy or jejunostomy (G or J) tube is useful for feeding malnourished patients and is preferred to prolonged use of total parenteral nutrition.