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Suffice to say, Leia doesn’t go willingly, and Luke does some extremely un-Jedi-like things, including but not limited to raping the bejeezus out of Leia. You might be surprised to know things go poorly. Leia paused, wondering if she dared take the next step. She thought about the life ahead of her, years of shame and misery.Author: Rob Bricken. Page 3 - Luke & Leia figure out a way to create another Vergence. Celebrities & Fan Fiction The Twincest LegacyPage 3. The Twincest Legacy Part 2 Chapter 1 Jaina starred solemnly at herself in the bathroom mirror inside Han and Leia's spacious living quarters on Coruscant. Jaina scrutinized her face more intensely than she ever had in her life.

Adult Fanfiction. Or go to General Fanfiction. Or the Fiction Random thoughts from Han and Leia, Luke and Vader. Too Hot to Handle (R) Luke's connection with Leia allows him to be a voyeur as does his Lordship's link with Luke. Contact fanfic managers. Its bad enough we have to keep Leia in the dark about being her adopted parents, but Luke as well, and have Kenobi raise him away from her is even worse! You know that its wrong Bail. The Jedi see Luke and Leia as weapons to be used against their Father and then the Emperor without any regard to the emotional damage that it might inflict on them.