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The training program is comprised of two parts: Train the Trainer and training for candidate crossing guards. CDOT Crossing Guard Training PowerPoint with Video and Audio - 56MB. Crossing Guard Training Manual – CDOT crossing guard training manual with comprehension test and key and performance review form. The design and implementation of an adult school crossing guard program is largely the decision of local communities. Some federal guidance exists and there are some state and local requirements pertaining to the operation of guard programs, but these vary across the country.

Adult School Crossing Guard Guidelines v 3. Elements of an Adult School Crossing. Guard Program. B. ringing together the right members of the community is the first step in creating a successful adult school cross-ing guard program The school administration, teachers, local . This Adult School Crossing Guard Training Program is based on the standards set forth in the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) under Chapter 7. The primary goals of adult school crossing guards are to: Teach children the proper way to cross a road.

Adult School Crossing Guard Program. However, when there are no children crossing alone or with an adult, a school crossing guard may cross pedestrians who need assistance to cross safely. This may include pedestrians with physical limitations that prevent . The Handbook for Adult Crossing Guards is a step-by-step guide to educate crossing guards on how to accomplish their job safely and effectively. It includes information on emergency procedures, local traffic regulations, crossing guard responsibilities and the correct procedure for crossing children.