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Adult Brain Cells Do Keep Growing. The study, performed in adult mice, found that the branch-like projections on some neurons, called "dendrites," were still physically malleable. Dendrites conduct electrical signals received from other neurons to the parent neuron's cell body. The changes occurred both incrementally and in short bursts, and involved both growth and shrinkage.Author: Ker Than. 90 percent of the adult brain size; 101 percent increase of total brain size; majority of brain growth is due to increase in the gray matter. In contrast the increase in brain’s white matter volume is noted to be only 11 percent. 149 percent increase in gray matter. 240 percent increase in cerebellum size. Infant in second year of life further attains.

New research shows that adolescents and young adults who consume four beers a day may have a reduced rate of brain growth by 0.25 milliliters per year for . While young adulthood can be a time of great growth, it can also be fraught with new peer pressure, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and unintended consequences. While the brain is still developing the self-control area, the area of the brain that processes reward is still in overdrive.

Apr 05, 2011 · Research shows adult brains capable of rapid new growth conclude that the adult human brain is capable of new rapid growth when exposed to doi: 10.1073/pnas.1103217108.