One Is Not Enough

One Is Not Enough? My boyfriend and I had dinner at my favorite “pecel lele” stall one night. We took seats opposite a couple at the same table, a young girl and a guy. We noticed that had they ordered the same drink as what we were going to order, two glasses of orange juice. Before long, our drinks and food were served. The table was small and the plates and glasses were cluttered all over it. Nevertheless, the other couple and we enjoyed our meal.

When I almost finished eating, I saw two glasses of juice near me. The one closest to me was the one I had just drunk, and the other one was on my right side. I remembered that I drank the latter and put it on my right side again to avoid the other couple from drinking it y mistake. And now I got two glasses nearby. My eyes quickly scanned the table for glasses. There were four. My boyfriend had one, I had two, and the other couple had only one.

Oops! The one I’d drunk from must be theirs and I’ve drunk it. What a fool I am! I said to myself. I blushed. Calming myself, I laughed nervously and apologized to them. My boyfriend quickly asked the waiter for another glass of juice to replace the one I had drunk. On the way home, my boyfriend kept laughing at me. So embarassing.

Well, that’s a true story that was happened around six years ago guys. I hope you can take this as warn when you have a dinner with your partner. Good bye and never bore to read our stories on PXRV :))

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