Old Car Tragedy

During my college years, I used to go chick-hunting with my friends. Since I was the only one who owned a car, however old and battered it was, my friends usually asked me to drive them to their girlfriends’ houses. One day, we visited a girl who lived in a boarding house. She was my friend’s latest crush. The house was located on a steep slope on a small street. After parking the car in front of the gate facing the house, all four of us got out and chatted with the girl and her friends, all girls on the porch.

Suddenly, one of the girls yelled and pointed at my car. Turning around, we saw my car slowly back away from the gate, towards the street. My friends and I were stupefied at first, then raced together to the car. I tried to unlock the door while my friends tried to prevent the car from sliding further by pushing it from the back. Fortunately, I succeeded to get in and quickly stepped on the brake to stop the vehicle.

Phew! Only then did we realize that all the girls, who were watching the whole scene, were laughing at us. Not knowing what else to do, we grinned and returned to the porch. After that, whenever I parked my car at that house, I always carefully put a stone behind one of the tires. What do you think guys? This is really funny an old car tragedy, right? 😀

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