Me, “My Mother” & A Little Girl

One Sunday, my family and I went to a marine exhibition. Of about 50 participating stands, there were three favorite spots. At these stands, visitors could sample several kinds of freshly-cooked seafood for free. While enjoying my bite, I became aware of my mother approaching me. Without looking at her, I glanced at her plate and saw that it was heaped with food. In a rather protesting voice, I scolded her, “mom, you took so much food! You will upset people who are still queuing up if they run out of food.”

Before I heard her reply, a little girl came toward us and stood very close to my mother. She whispered something to her. I wondered who the girl was. I had never seen her before, yet she seemed to know my mom very well. Wanting to ask my mother about the girl, I looked at my mother, only to find that only to find that she was not my mother at all!

The woman whom I thought was my mom was dressed in dark brown, the same color my mom wore. I was so embarassed that I could hardly swallow the food in my mouth. Not knowing what to do, I turned around and disappeared among the crowd in shame.

Me, “My Mother” & A Little Girl was edited by PXRV. 😀

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