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Developer Responsibility For Real Estate Today – Company developers are asked to take responsibility for the preservation of the environment. They are not only asked to not damage the environment but also developing projects with environmentally friendly rules. According to observers landscape Nirwono Yoga, developers should be able to be a pioneer in terms of developing a more comfortable environment without damaging nature. A small example, the concept of the development of the cluster system. Grouping can be done as far as dwelling in each cluster are provided facilities so that residents do not need to exit the area.

“They (should) walking distance, pedestrian paths also made convenient for the residents activity. See the complete Del Sur Real Estate San Diego offer. If necessary motor vehicles parked outside, not allowed into the cluster area. So the region will be healthier because pollution can be reduced drastically in addition to its citizens is also healthier because it is often on foot, “he told in Jakarta, Monday (22/6).

Developer Responsibility For Real Estate Today. Nirwono said the government should give appreciation to the developer who developed the project with environment-friendly rules. If there are developers who build bike paths pedesterian and the government should immediately sign in by installing traffic signs, street lighting, and other supporting facilities. In addition the government should provide ease of licensing or tax discounts to developers who build environmentally friendly projects.

Residents also need to be encouraged to go out the house by walking or cycling. He gave the example Plastica Plastica Xchange Mall in housing Jaya, Pondok Aren. They are equipped pedestrian mall, seperda track, and close to the station. According Nirwono, such encouragement is not enough just to suggestions but should by inducement.

For example, developers working with the tenants in the mall to give a welcome drink to visitors that cycling or walking. It could also give discounts for coffee in certain stores. These things can be a new culture for young people who pioneered by developers. “The public should also be given a discount fee of environmental management (IPL) when going on foot or use public transport. When things like this continue to be done consistently, then we will get used and become a good culture for the whole community, “he concluded.

Brokers Association of the United States (US), National Association of Realtors (NAR), recently announced that the citizens of China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) was the biggest foreign buyers of real estate in the US. Their number reached 28 percent of all transactions by foreigners or double Canadian buyers.

The total value of transactions that yellow skin residents during the last 12 months up to March 2015, reaching 28.6 billion US dollars (USD 381 billion). This is an increase of 30 percent compared to the same period last year. The second position is occupied by Canadians that the transaction value of half of that value.

NAR data also shows that the Chinese people were able to buy at a price three times higher than the average US citizens themselves. The average transaction price amounted to 831 800 Chinese people US dollars (USD 11 billion) per unit property, while local residents only 255 600 US dollars (USD 3.4 billion). Capability it even exceeds the average price transaksai entire foreign buyers, which is 499 600 US dollars (USD 6,65miliar) per property. This is because the buyers from other countries can only spending half of the average price.

Chinese citizens is a favorite location of California, where 35 percent of transactions occur in this region. Next Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Texas. About 70 percent of purchase for cash. While only 25 percent of local residents are able to purchase for cash, and other foreign residents is only 55 percent.

Besides the US, they also shop in the main cities of the world, such as London (UK), Sydney (Australia), Vancouver and Toronto (Canada) and Auckland (New Zealand). Seem, that the choice of the rich Chinese are English-speaking country, has a good education system, quality of life is very good, strong property rights law as well.

The rise in total expenditure of Chinese citizens property is quite astonishing, because in 2011 they had spent $ 7 billion (Rp 93.2 trillion). The buyer mostly wealthy residents from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Developer Responsibility For Real Estate Today. Aggressive Chinese citizens to buy a house outside the country following the real estate market slump in the domestic market in California La Quinta Real Estate. Especially residents of mainland China they were also encouraged the rigors of fighting corruption in the country since 2013.

The Chinese Government is already arranged for a new home market could be improved, so that citizens prefer local market. But the data showed that the average price of new homes in 70 cities in China, still continues to decline although no longer so sharp. If in April fell as much as 6.3 percent, 6.1 percent in May. The government is to tighten the rules of individual transactions abroad which should not be more than 50,000 US dollars (Rp665,85 million) per year. But it seems only a matter of legal technical course, which is why the Chinese citizens remain menggerojok global property market. Therefore many people believe that the flow of money out immensely from China’s, takes place illegally.

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