Me, “My Mother” & A Little Girl

One Sunday, my family and I went to a marine exhibition. Of about 50 participating stands, there were three favorite spots. At these stands, visitors could sample several kinds of freshly-cooked seafood for free. While enjoying my bite, I became aware of my mother approaching me. Without looking at her, I glanced at her plate […]

One Is Not Enough

One Is Not Enough? My boyfriend and I had dinner at my favorite “pecel lele” stall one night. We took seats opposite a couple at the same table, a young girl and a guy. We noticed that had they ordered the same drink as what we were going to order, two glasses of orange juice. […]

Old Car Tragedy

During my college years, I used to go chick-hunting with my friends. Since I was the only one who owned a car, however old and battered it was, my friends usually asked me to drive them to their girlfriends’ houses. One day, we visited a girl who lived in a boarding house. She was my […]

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