Me, “My Mother” & A Little Girl

One Sunday, my family and I went to a marine exhibition. Of about 50 participating stands, there were three favorite spots. At these stands, visitors could sample several kinds of freshly-cooked seafood for free. While enjoying my bite, I became aware of my mother approaching me. Without looking at her, I glanced at her plate […]

Smart Tips For Pet Owners

Taking your pet into a pet care center regularly doesn’t guarantee that it will stay fit and fine all the time. On the other hand, you have also to know how to take care of it on a daily basis. For that reason, we’ll write down a few smart tips for pet owners at this […]

One Is Not Enough

One Is Not Enough? My boyfriend and I had dinner at my favorite “pecel lele” stall one night. We took seats opposite a couple at the same table, a young girl and a guy. We noticed that had they ordered the same drink as what we were going to order, two glasses of orange juice. […]

Old Car Tragedy

During my college years, I used to go chick-hunting with my friends. Since I was the only one who owned a car, however old and battered it was, my friends usually asked me to drive them to their girlfriends’ houses. One day, we visited a girl who lived in a boarding house. She was my […]

Jacko, My Beloved Cat

The first time I took my cat Jacko to the vet, it was because someone had beaten him, and his mouth was bleeding a lot. On the way to the vet, Jacko escaped from the box. He ran through the park into an office building across the street. I ran after him, calling him, but […]

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